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Talissa Carrasco’s Success Story

Talissa Carrasco One Justice
Talissa Carrasco
One Justice


Name: Talissa Carrasco
City & Country of Origin: Piura, Peru
School: University of California, Davis
DACA Assistance Provider: I prepared my own application.

Why I applied for DACA:

I applied for DACA because it would allow me to work (to be able to pay for school and law school) and have the ability to get a driver’s license.

What I plan to do now that I have DACA:

Now that I have DACA, I feel like I have a sense of security. I can get a job that will help me pay for school and feel that I no longer need to hide my identity from the world.

Why I want to share my story:

I think it’s important that more DACA recipients share their story and the benefits they’ve received because it not only gives others hope about how beneficial DACA is, but also encourages those who are still scared to apply. I share my story because I am thankful to be able to qualify for DACA whereas there are still so many other undocumented immigrants who are not able to qualify and are living in this country in fear.

My advice for someone who is thinking of applying for DACA:

My advice if you are thinking about applying for DACA is don’t wait, those of us who do qualify for DACA can benefit tremendously from this and it will open doors to new opportunities for you to succeed. You don’t have to be Latino to benefit from DACA which has been a common misconception associated with DACA recipients. DACA has changed my life and I am thankful for it every day. It takes courage to speak publicly about being undocumented, DACA has given me the ability to have a voice and confront other issues surrounding immigration and I hope that will allow me to reach my dreams of being a lawyer.




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