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Jesus Castro’s Success Story


Jesus Castro One Justice
Jesus Castro
One Justice


Name: Jesus Castro
City & Country of Origin: Puebla, Mexico
School: City College of San Francisco (attending)
DACA Assistance Provider: Legal Services for Children (LSC)

Why I applied for DACA:
I applied for DACA in search of a better future  for myself and my family. Once I heard that DACA would help me get a Social Security Number and Driver’s License, I knew that I could benefit from this program. At first I wasn’t so sure if I wanted to apply or not–for a short time I thought it was a scam. Another reason why I didn’t apply any quicker was because I was waiting for the presidential elections, because I knew that the election may have a tremendous impact on the newly added program. A couple months after reading more about DACA and knowing that Obama had won the election, I had no excuse not to, so I went ahead and applied.

What I plan to do now that I have DACA:
In the next year, I hope that I can be successful at Sonoma State University as an incoming freshmen this fall. What I mean by “successful” is: pass my classes with good grades and make a ton of new relationships with everyone around the campus. In the next five years I hope that I have graduated college and that I am on my way to UC Hastings Law School to pursue my dream of becoming a Lawyer to practice law in the State of California.

Why I want to share my story:
I want to share my story to empower all DREAMers and DACA beneficiaries to never give up and keep pushing for what we all believe in. I also want to share my story in order to encourage others to speak up and share their stories as well because everyone’s story is inspiring and should be heard by all.

My advice to someone who is thinking of applying for DACA:
The advice that I would have for someone who is applying for DACA is to not think twice about it and apply right away because the faster the person applies and send their information in, the faster they will receive their DACA benefits. Another tip would be to gather all their information and try to be as specific as possible, because the process to apply for DACA is expensive. If the applicant doesn’t get all their information in properly the first time, their application will most likely be denied, forcing them to apply again with the same high fees.




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