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Jennifer Sotz’s Success Story


Jennifer Sotz Catholic Charities
Jennifer Sotz
Catholic Charities


Name: Jennifer Sotz
City & Country of Origin: San Pedro Sula, Honduras
School: San Francisco State University
DACA Assistance Provider:

I decided to pay a well-known notary public because I heard that she was good with DACA cases. I did not want to spend a lot of money on private lawyers and the free legal service providers were busy at that time. I did not want to wait a long time, so I went with her and she did a good job filling out the forms.

Why I applied for DACA:

I applied for DACA because I wanted to be able to start working and since it provided a social security number, I took advantage of it. I also wanted to get a driver’s license since no one in my family had one. I knew I could help them in the future if I ever got stopped by an officer.

What I plan to do now that I have DACA:

Now that I have DACA, my plan is to continue working interning. I want to start raising my credit and get my driver’s license to begin driving. I plan to continue studying at SF State and get a part time job to help me pay for college and my personal expenses.

Why I want to share my story:

I want to share my story because I want others to take advantage of this opportunity. Even though it is not enough and we need more benefits than DACA offers, this is a step closer to what we want. I want to encourage others to persevere and not let anything or anyone stop them from reaching their goals.

My advice for someone who is thinking of applying for DACA:

I want to advise people to not be afraid and to apply as long as they have consulted different experts who have affirmed their eligibility. Those eligible for DACA need to take advantage of this opportunity because this opportunity isn’t available to others.




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