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Erick Pari’s Success Story

Erick Pari LYRIC
Erick Pari


Name: Erick Pari
City & Country of Origin: Lima, Peru
School: San Francisco State University
DACA Assistance Provider: I applied for DACA through my dad’s lawyer.

Why I applied for DACA:

I think it was my only choice in order to get my culinary art degree and graduate from college. I think if I didn’t get my DACA I wouldn’t be where I am right now: working legally and not having to worry about my status. I also get to apply to schools because I want to continue pursuing higher education. I am doing it gladly with DACA, which has helped me to apply for the California Dream Act. It was needed to keep going in my journey and I think it was a good idea to apply and take advantage in getting that help that I needed financially, too.

I also applied for DACA to get my driver license to travel around the country without any problems or fear of the police.

What I plan to do now that I have DACA:

I plan to keep applying to jobs, continue working, and travel.

Why I want to share my story:

I hope to connect with other people who are going through the same struggle of being undocumented and those afraid of coming out of the shadows. I want them to know they are not alone.

My advice for someone who is thinking of applying for DACA:

It’s an awesome opportunity if someone wants to work and go to school. The doors automatically open if someone is willing to take that step to succeed in life. As for me, I’m happy that I received DACA two years ago, because now I can drive, travel, and work without any fear. To those applying: The chances are great and you won’t regret applying.



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